From the very young age of just 7 Mariam Mohamed had always made it known to anyone who would listen that one day she would become one of two things: a school teacher, or a children's book author. She couldn't decide so she chose to pursue both careers. Growing up Mariam realized finding books with a protagonist that resembled her was quite the mission. Encouraged and inspired by her senior year English teacher in high school she then decided to write her own children's books. Currently a fourth grade school teacher in Minneapolis Minnesota Maryam is daily inspired and encouraged by her own students to write books that they can relate to as well. She writes for children who feel they might not have a voice in children books because all children deserve to be heard despite their background, economic status, religion, gender or overall appearance.

Mariam Mohamed
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Ayeeyo's Golden Rule
Ayeeyo's Golden Rule Book Cover'

Nine-year-old Yasmeen is both terrified and excited to go to school for the first time in her life. Almost instantly her eagerness and excitement quickly turns into fear and sadness when her classmates don't accept her for her culture. Nothing really prepared Yasmeen for the amount of bullying her classmates showed her. She just doesn't understand how kids could be so cruel. Will she fight back or choose to ignore all the hate? Read to find out how this fourth grader overcomes her troubles with bullying with the help of her Ayeeyo. (Grandmother)

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